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I'm a "book guy," so I understand it when people tell me they don't enjoy reading books on a screen, but there is a very specific reason we have chosen to release our products in these formats.


The ability to incorporate text, photos, and video produces the most effective teaching tool possible. If you have WiFi, you can go straight to the videos and back to the text seamlessly. If we put this out as a tree-based book with a DVD, you can't do that. We provide both an EPUB file (which works great on iPad and Android tablets) and we also provide you with a PDF file (which you can print out for your own personal use.)

We feel with our new formats you get the best of both worlds. For a quick video tutorial on why we love our EPUB books so much click here.

If your product is a Michael Close product (and not a Murphy's Magic Download) you will be able to download it immediately. Check your confirmation email, scroll down to Order Summary and click the link beside the product that instructs you to download now. 

If you need to download your product again, login to your account and under Order History you will see your purchases. Click on the order number and your will see a link to download your product again. 

NOTE: If this is a Murphy's Magic download you simply have to go to the top-left link on our homepage (My Murphy's Downloads) and login with your special Murphy's password that was emailed to you. All of your download will still be there for you to download again.

The Murphy's Magic downloads are processed manually during business hours (Mon - Sat 9 am-5pm EDT), so if you are ordering this at 3am you might just have to wait until we wake up! 😀

After your purchase, you will receive and email with your special Murphy's Magic password. Go to our homepage and in the top-left corner of the website you'll see a link called MY MURPHY'S DOWNLOADS. You can log in here and view or download your Murphy's products at any time.

For some users there seems to be a glitch when using the Chrome browser. Murphy's is working on resolving this issue but in the meantime try switching to another browser such as Firefox or Safari and you should be able to get your downloads without a problem. Any further problems contact Lisa at 

Some users notice a bit of a glitch when logging in with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Try using Safari or Chrome to access our locked pages for members only.

You must be subscribed to our email list to remain a member. If you login to your account you can click the link to susbcribe. 

For the PDF files you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can find here: Before you download and install, be sure to uncheck all the boxes that offer you extra stuff. 

If you are using a Mac, make sure you open the PDF from the Adobe Reader program and you are not in Preview Mode.

All epub readers are different. Try finding a setting in your EPUB reader that allows you to access the css file for the product you are trying to read. This will set your text fonts and formatting to the way we designed it. You can still adjust the size of the font and reading formats (eg. one page/two page view, etc) that you prefer.  

Although our ebooks may work on your phone, they are optimized for tablets and desktop computers. There is a lot of information (detailed photos, videos) and it may be difficult to study this effectively on your phone.  

Part of the price of a purchasing magic is the secret. Therefore we only offer exchanges on physical goods, if the goods you buy from us are defective.

When purchasing magic you are paying for the secret and therefore do not allow items to be returned or exchange for another trick.

There are no exchanges or refunds on downloadable products.