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Lecture vs. Webinar

Lecture vs. Webinar 0

Here’s something I wrote a few years ago about lecturing for magicians:

Lecturing is a frustrating experience, especially so if your goal is to impart information rather than to pitch products. The problem is that the range of knowledge and experience in any given group of magic enthusiasts is wide. In a magic club you may find someone who has been interested in magic for forty years, and someone else who has only been interested in magic for two years. But the neophyte may know more than the old timer. How do you address such a diverse group? I openly discussed this problem before my lectures, using the following story. 

My musician friends were always intrigued when I told them that I was going out to do a magic lecture. “What in the world is a magic lecture?” they would ask. “Well, it’s like this,” I would reply. “Imagine that there is a violinist who is giving a concert in a city. This violinist is nationally known. While in the city, the violinist gives a Master Class. Attending the class are some professional violinists. If there is a local college, some violin majors will attend.