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I think it behooves anyone who holds an opinion (especially someone who publishes his or her opinions) to periodically revisit that point of view and reevaluate it. Times change, people change, and opinions change. After critical reexamination and reflection of something I’ve published, I see no dishonor in saying, “You know; I didn’t get that quite right.”
Remembering Dennis Loomis

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Books for stage and stand-up magicians are few and far between. Even scarcer are books that offer practical, real-world advice – advice that can save the reader time, money, and heartache.

Lisa and I are pleased to announce the publication of an ebook that magnificently fills this void: The Real Deal – A Magician Prepares by Dennis Loomis.

Dennis Loomis was the real deal; he was a full-time professional magician for more than forty years. More than that, though, he was one of the very few general practitioners in magic. He did it all: stage illusions, escapes, stand-up shows, school assemblies, and close-up magic. He was also a magic dealer. Throughout all of that, he maintained the soul of a passionate amateur; he enthusiastically loved all forms...

Season Five: Penn & Teller's Fool Us Premieres June 25

Season Five: Penn & Teller's Fool Us Premieres June 25 0

On June 25, the first episode of the fifth season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us airs on the CW Network. We taped this season during the first two w...
MAIPCO: Protecting magic writers, creators, publishers, and distributors

MAIPCO: Protecting magic writers, creators, publishers, and distributors 0

Bob Farmer has a new long-term strategy for combating the piracy on Chinese websites. To accomplish his plan, he needs the participation of magic writers, creators, publishers, and distributors. If you fall into one of those categories (and only if you are in one of those categories), please contact Bob at He will tell what’s going on.

It is important that this message gets to as many of the people who are affected by these piracy sites as possible.

Here is the bulletin (Read More link below) from Bob. You can download a PDF version of it here to share with anyone you think should see it.

Living Room Lecture with Michael Close 0

Did you miss the live event?

Don't worry you can still see this and other great lectures online. CLICK HERE

DeMystifying Miracles: The Landmark CC Living Room Lecture hosted by master magician Michael Close and the Conjuror Community Team!

living room lectureAaron Fisher is a wonderful magician and creative thinker; he’s also an old pal and one of my favorite people on the planet. He has invited me to give a “Living Room Lecture” on his Conjuror Community website. I have previously declined doing any online lecturing, but I like Aaron’s format and the fact that the viewers can ask questions. I’ll be discussing topics from The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two, and, I hope, clarifying some of the thornier concepts from those ebooks. It’s easy to sign up and only costs you a buck. When you see the extraordinary amount of content Aaron offers, I think you’ll want to make Conjuror Community a site you visit regularly.

Click here to get access for $1

Read more about it below – Michael Close

This is your invitation to a rare, Live Online Lecture—where Michael Close joins Aaron and the CC Team for an intimate evening filled with astonishing miracles—and insights you can only get from a real invitation to the home of a master magician.  

Michael is one of the smartest, most astonishing magicians alive—and he’s put together a special evening just for CC Members—designed to demystify some of magic’s thorniest problems.

At this once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll be surprised and thrilled by what you discover, such as...

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Darwin's Rules

Darwin's Rules 0

darwin-ortizRecently, on the Genii forum, there was a discussion of what I have referred to as Darwin Ortiz’s Rules (Cardshark, page 11). Darwin wrote: “To justify its existence, I feel a new trick should be different from what has come before. And, to the extent that it resembles any previous tricks, it should be superior to them either in plot, method, or presentation (or in more than one of those categories).”

What then followed (on the forum) were posts from people agreeing or disagreeing with Darwin’s suggestion. Although one post referred to Darwin’s Rules as “nonsense,” I have been a proponent of it for many years. I’d like to explain why I think it is a useful guideline, particularly now, when the magic marketplace is flooded with products.

With the advancement of technology, anyone can self-produce any book, ebook, video, or prop. This, of course, was not always the case. In the 1960s, if you wanted a book of your magic routines to be published

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