The Road to The Road to Riffsville

The Road to The Road to Riffsville 3

road to riffsville
I had not planned on writing 
The Road to Riffsville. I was spurred to action by the confluence of three events, which I’d like to share with you now.

Because I am an old father, when Ava came into my life I made the decision to limit my time away from home. This meant limiting my lecture, convention, and performing appearances. I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad. Fortunately, my work as a magazine editor allowed me to do that.

Because I wasn’t performing often, I had less contact with the routines I used to perform on a daily basis. This, as it turns out, is a good thing. When routines become second nature, it is too easy to overlook flaws in their construction. (This is the mental equivalent of blinking when you execute a sleight.) Consequently, when I now watch videos of my earlier performances, it is as if my
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My Most Memorable Convention

My Most Memorable Convention 1

Magic conventions give us the opportunity to meet up with old friends and to make new friends. They also let us “rub shoulders” with big names in the magic world and watch dealers pitching their latest miracles.

The organizers of conventions try to pack the schedule with memorable shows and lectures. But for me, the things I remember most are the events that weren’t scheduled. Here’s one of them, a performance by Bob Read at the I.B.M. convention in Quebec City, Quebec, in 1995. (This story was originally included in That Reminds Me.)

This convention was an organizational disaster. The staff of the convention hotel had gone on strike just before the convention started. The dealer’s room (usually an area that serves as a social focal point of a convention) was hidden away deep in the

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MEMDECK Revelations

MEMDECK Revelations 0

I think it behooves anyone who holds an opinion (especially someone who publishes his or her opinions) to periodically revisit that point of view and reevaluate it. Times change, people change, and opinions change. After critical reexamination and reflection of something I’ve published, I see no dishonor in saying, “You know; I didn’t get that quite right.”
Remembering Dennis Loomis

Remembering Dennis Loomis 0

Books for stage and stand-up magicians are few and far between. Even scarcer are books that offer practical, real-world advice – advice that can save the reader time, money, and heartache.

Lisa and I are pleased to announce the publication of an ebook that magnificently fills this void: The Real Deal – A Magician Prepares by Dennis Loomis.

Dennis Loomis was the real deal; he was a full-time professional magician for more than forty years. More than that, though, he was one of the very few general practitioners in magic. He did it all: stage illusions, escapes, stand-up shows, school assemblies, and close-up magic. He was also a magic dealer. Throughout all of that, he maintained the soul of a passionate amateur; he enthusiastically loved all forms...