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Rubinstein Coin Magic by Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Rubinstein Coin Magic by Dr. Michael Rubinstein 0

The past few years have been boom times for coin magic enthusiasts. In 2017, the much-anticipated Geoff Latta: The Long Goodbye was released. The following year Giacomo Bertini’s System for Amazement arrived. Both of these books offered a plethora of new sleights and routines.

Then, in June of last year, the spirits of coin magicians were lifted by the publication of a huge new coin book, one rivaling J.B. Bobo’s New Modern Coin Magic in both physical size and scope. The book is Rubinstein Coin Magic by Dr. Michael Rubinstein, and it is sure to join Bobo’s book and David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic as one the three great pillars of coin conjuring.