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Memdeck - The Next Step

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Memdeck - The Next Step

You’ve put in the hours, memorized a stack, and can now perform a few basic effects with it. What’s the next step? What skills do you need to acquire on the road to memdeck mastery? You’ll find out in our new training, “Memdeck, the Next Step.” You’ll have unlimited access to the video. 


  • A review of basic memdeck skills
  • A review of basic memdeck effects
  • The challenges of “the next step”
  • Estimation
  • Culling
  • False shuffles
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Other useful tools
  • Explanations of many useful effects

The information in this session is “stack independent” – it will apply regardless of which stack you have learned.

This training is geared to those who have memorized a stack and have some confidence with it. It is NOT geared to memdeck neophytes. (If you have not yet memorized a stack, you should watch and study the Demystifying the Memdeck training first.

$20 USD

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