Close/England Workshop Oct 17-20, 2017

You are cordially invited to join Michael Close and Jason England on October 17-20, 2017, for a unique workshop in the beautiful cottage country of northern Ontario (Owen Sound, ON). You’ll be away from the physical and mental noise of the city, but you won’t be roughing it; the accommodations are luxurious.

You’ll fly into Toronto on Monday, October 16, Tuesday morning you'll be bused to beautiful Owen Sound, ON where you will spend most of Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday talking magic and receiving personalized instruction from two of the most knowledgeable magicians on the planet. You'll return to your hotel in Toronto on Friday, and fly home on Saturday.

Price $1,700 USD - Click Here to Register
Only 10 spots available! - (8 spots left)


Jason_EnglandJason England is widely regarded as one of the finest card handlers in the world, with more than a quarter-century of experience performing classical close-up and bar magic. Jason’s area of expertise isn’t just confined to magic however – he is also considered one of the world’s foremost experts on gambling-related sleight of hand and cheating techniques. His knowledge and experience have led to film and television performances, casino game protection talks, and lectures on marked cards and antique gambling collectibles.

Here are some of the techniques Jason will discuss during the workshop: false deals (second, center, bottom), palming, false shuffles and other riffle shuffle work, the MacMillan Turnover Switch, and much more. In addition , Steve Forte has given his permission for Jason to discuss the actual workings of many of the effects from the "52" sequence that was shown on Steve’s Gambling Protection Series DVDs (even Michael is excited about this). Many of these techniques have never been shown on film before and are rarely discussed. If you’ve seen this ground-breaking set and want to know how some of those things were accomplished, now’s your may be the only one you’ll ever get!

But that's not all. Jason will also bring to the workshop rare items from his gambling collection. Usually, these items never leave his house. Because of his association with the upper-echelon members of both the magic world and the gaming world, Jason also has a collection of tremendous stories.


"Jason England is world-class cardman, and his knowledge of both magic and gambling sleight of hand is extraordinary.  Coupled with his skills and passion as a researcher, historian, and collector, his mastery of sleight of hand with playing cards is all-encompassing, which forms the basis for one of his most notable talents: a superb ability to teach sleight of hand.

"As one of my most trusted confidantes, I can state without hesitation, if you’re looking for a workshop and your goal is to improve technical execution and perform sophisticated, deceptive sleight of hand, don’t miss an opportunity to learn from Jason England." 
—Steve Forte


"Not only is Jason England one of the greatest card-handlers alive, but he has the remarkable ability to make even the most daunting techniques and ideas accessible to others. Simply put, he's the best teacher I've ever had." —Derek DelGaudio


"Spending time with Jason England is always valuable and enjoyable. He has the rare gift of pursuing  information, techniques and secrets relentlessly while possessing the ability to teach and share his discoveries with encouragement, patience, humor and a contagious enthusiasm." —Michael Weber



Michael CloseYour host, Michael Close, will share original routines and sleights, and provide you with insights that will improve your magic. In addition, he will offer you the same high-caliber coaching and critiquing that he provides the Penn & Teller: Fool Us show. He will also share some of the stories that have made him one of magic's favorite raconteurs.


"Michael Close made my national television debut on Penn & Teller: Fool Us a huge success! When I landed in Vegas, Michael brought me to his room and we worked out how I would perform a piece of close-up magic from my working repertoire into the best eight minutes of the series.

"Truthfully, I must attribute a lot of my success on the program to Michael Close. His intuitive understanding of how to adapt magic for television audiences is a huge asset for anyone aiming to perform on television. The lines we created together are so good they have effectively replaced my old script for the piece. Lastly, the most profound element of the effect, having a spectator interlace her fingers for the Oil & Water routine, was Michael’s suggestion. I cannot recommend Michael Close highly enough and would be lucky to collaborate with him again."
-Mahdi Gilbert


"What a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to work with Michael Close as a magic consultant on season three of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Michael worked with me on Unshuffled, a routine I have been doing for over forty years. His input played a major role in helping me add a new five-second kicker ending, creating a new moment of magic that actually fooled Penn & Teller – with a trick they already knew the secret to.

"While Michael Close has extensive knowledge of magic methods and routines (he is one of the most respected magicians in our field), what impressed me most was his exceptional ideas on scripting and timing that ensured my new piece of magic had the most impact possible. His advice and input about my presentation was critical; he added the right beats to the routine, which was something I could not have worked out on my own.

"From innovative methods, to scripting, to presentation and timing, Michael Close will help you make your next performance more memorable, meaningful, and magical." -Paul Gertner


Because of the informal nature of this gathering, you’ll have unprecedented access to two of magic’s undisputed experts – access and interaction you would only find with private instruction and consultation, but at a fraction of the cost.

The knowledge, training, and advice you will receive during this workshop/retreat will save you time and money. It will also be an experience you will remember the rest of your life.

Reservations are extremely limited; only ten spots are available.

Participating in this event would be perfect if:

  • You have an interest in gambling sleights or gambling paraphernalia.
  • You’d like training on any aspect of sleight of hand.
  • You'd like coaching on one of the routines in your repertoire.
  • You'd enjoy sitting around in the company of two of the best storytellers in magic.

Price $1,700 USD - Click Here to Register
Only 10 spots available! - (8 spots left)


Your registration fee includes three full days of workshop time, accommodations at the beautiful Owen Sound lodge, transportation to the event from Toronto and back, and all meals and libations at the lodge.


* Flight (or other transportation to Toronto)
* Hotel Stay (Before and After the workshop) We would prefer that you stay at the Sandman Signature Toronto Airport Hotel 55 Reading Ct, Etobicoke, ON M9W 7K7. We have negotiated a great flat rate for you, there is a restaurant onsite and they offer round trip shuttle from Pearson Airport in Toronto.


  1. If you choose to stay at a different hotel it will be your responsibility to get yourself to the Sandman Signature Hotel for pickup on Tuesday morning at 10am sharp. Latecomers will have to arrange a rental car to drive to the lodge - 2+ hours north of Toronto.
  2. If you choose to take a evening (after 6pm) flight home on Oct 20th rather than stay another night at the hotel you can arrange a taxi from the Sandman Signature Hotel for roughly $18-24 CAD.
  3. We will set up a private Facebook group for you to meet the other attendees and perhaps arrange sharing a room to help with hotel costs.
  4. Search for flights arriving in Toronto (YYZ) on Monday Oct 16th in the afternoon (Hotel check-in is 3pm). Search for departing flights from YYZ on Sat Oct 21 morning or early afternoon - Checkout at the Sandman is at 12pm.

Price $1,700 USD - Click Here to Register
Only 10 spots available! (8 spots left)

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