Close Notes

What Are Close Notes?

Imagine you were to take a walk through a large botanical garden, you would certain take note of the beauty of the flowers and the imaginative and artistic layout of the grounds. You would have an experience relative to your knowledge of botany and landscaping.

But, if you were to take that same walk in the company of a botanist and a landscape designer, your experience would be different and more enriching, because they can offer you information based on their knowledge and expertise.

The same is true when you watch a magic video. You see tricks, you see methods explained, and perhaps some theory is imparted. But suppose sitting on the couch with you was someone with more than fifty years of experience in magic – someone who could point out some important features that you might overlook. This would change the viewing experience completely.

And that’s what you get from Close Notes – commentary (annotations, if you will) on the most important videos that have been released in the past two decades. Keep the notes next to you as you watch the videos. Make your own notes. You’ll have a much deeper understanding of the material that is being presented.

What Close Notes Aren’t

Close Notes are not full-blown essays or routines. In some cases, a trick may warrant only a few lines of commentary; in some cases, it may be several paragraphs. In other cases, Michael may have nothing to add to a particular effect, its method, or its theory.

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