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Welcome to the 21st Century



Computer technology constantly moves forward; at we make every effort to keep up. More and more magicians appreciate the convenience of having books available on their computers and tablets. However, some are still not convinced, possibly because of the number of bad ebooks out there, or the perception that ebooks are the same as PDFs and you have to use the "pinch and zoom" method to navigate the information. Our ebooks are different!

Our goal is to let text, photos, and video each do the thing they do best. Text provides the information. Pictures clarify the text. Video shows you how sleights look when they are perfected. The ebook itself is designed to flow with any size text you choose; you can enlarge photos with a tap, and view a video without ever losing your place in the book. The result, we believe, is a level of training second only to personal instruction. 

Don't take our word for it; experience it for yourself. Download your free copy of our sample EPUB. 

This ebook contains information about how our ebooks work (with text and video links) and a FREE card trick.

Enjoy it on your tablet or desktop computer with iBooks or your favorite PC eReader like Adobe Digital Editions.