Palming Vol. 3 - The Side Steal - Download

Palming Vol. 3 - The Side Steal - Download

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The Work: Volume 3 – The Side Steal

The quality of instruction offered here will quickly put you on the road toward mastering this most useful sleight and this volume covers all these aspects in detail.

Topics covered are:

•The Left-Hand Diagonal Palm (a simple, pivot-point based steal that can be quickly learned) •The Left-Hand Peek Steal (a remarkably efficient steal of a peeked-at card) •The Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift (the move that separates the men from the boys, examined in a clear, easy-to-understand way with an emphasis on the key points and the problematic moments of the sleight) •The Arthur Findley variation of the diagonal palm shift •The Standard Side Steal (with variations of Ed Marlo’s Technical Steal and Deliberate Side Steal) •The Gambler’s Flat-Palm Steal (three methods that will be of great value to those of you who, like me, have small hands) •The Loewy Palm (a fast way to steal the top card of the deck into the left hand)

In addition, there is information on the psychology of card controls (including an easy control that will fool anyone – magician or layman), effective methods for delaying the side steal, methods for delaying the diagonal palm shift, turning the diagonal palm shift into an “action palm,” and resources for further study.

There are 14,000 words, 61 eye-popping, full-color photographs, and 14 video clips. Those who prefer not to read large amounts of text on their computer monitors will be happy to learn that, as with our other ebooks, the beautiful layout was designed to be easily printed out. The level of training you receive is second only to personal instruction. You will be able to learn and master this material.

The Work: Volume 3 – The Side Steal is a pdf file that opens in Adobe Reader. The embedded video clips are QuickTime movies. We suggest that you download and install the latest versions of each of these programs before you open the file. Be sure to take a look at the ReadMe file that is included with every download.

System requirements: Works on both PC and Mac or tablets that support PDF files.

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