Welcome to the official Michael Close website.

You’ll find ebooks of repertoire and theory (The Complete Workers Ebook and Closely Guarded Secrets), training in sleight of hand (the Faro Shuffle Ebook and The Work Volumes 1-3, on the bottom palm, the top palm, and the side steal), the product reviews from my years at MAGIC magazine, my autobiographical joke book That Reminds Me (a book that is laugh-out-loud funny), and some jazz piano music. All the products you’ll find here have received great acclaim from the magic community.

For the past five years my creative energies have gone into editing M-U-M, the magazine of The Society of American Magicians. I have contributed several new routines to that magazine, so if you’re looking for new material from me, you might consider joining the S.A.M. You can find out more at www.magicsam.com.

I occasionally write a blog post or news update. Check for the newest post here:

Best wishes, Michael Close