Workers Five - PDF Download

Workers Five - PDF Download

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The series ends here! The biggest book of all: 30 routines, eight essays, and a large chapter explaining Michael’s work on the Memorized Deck. Thumbs up from all reviewers. 168 pages, copiously illustrated by Michael’s sister.

Volume Five
At Long Last The Concluding Ultimate Installment Of Even Still Yet More Additional Extra Further Bottom Of The Barrel Routines From The Constantly Dwindling Professional Repertoire Of Michael Close

Assumptions (essay), The Lie Detector, You Hue A Trick for O'Brien, Fortune Sugar, Venue (essay), Reverse Logic, Too Ahead, Personality (essay), On Sleights (essay), Renaldo the Great, Pink Floyd, The Tamariz Rabbits, Red Blue Mama Fooler, Rocco Returns, Ring Fright, Flourishes (essay), The Unreality Machine, Stupid Travelers, To Jay (essay), On the Memorized Deck, The Wishing Trick, Two for Simon, Myopia, Memorized Standards, Jazzin, Magic and Meaning (essay).  167 pages - Instant Download

$40.00 Instant Download

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