Palming with Confidence Webinar


This sixty-minute webinar will provide strategies that will help you overcome your fear of palming.

Palming is one of the cornerstones of card magic. But many magicians, even experienced practitioners, shy away from tricks that require palming.  As part of this training, you’ll learn FOUR commercial routines you can immediately add to your repertoire. 

We will also discuss important techniques that are applicable to any type of “holding out,” including coins, balls, or any small object. 

We feel this information will be useful to magicians of all skill levels, so we are offering it at a very low price. Our webinars require no special software; you participate through your browser, and you can ask questions during the presentation. Registrants will be able to replay this webinar as often as they want.

Please Note: This is not a webinar on how to correctly palm cards.

Topics We'll Cover:

  • Why is card palming important?
  • Why magicians are reluctant to palm cards?
  • Some general thoughts on “holding out”
  • How do we bypass palming’s Catch-22?
  • A recap of proper palming grips
  • Six effective strategies to gain confidence (including four tricks)

ONLY $10

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