Close's Torn and Restored Card - Download

Close's Torn and Restored Card - Download

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Close's Torn and Restored Card

Twenty-five years ago, I developed a handling for the Torn and Restored Card effect. The routine was designed to solve many of the problems associated with this type of trick. The routine can be performed in most strolling environments, with or without a table. With adequate pre-show preparation (which is very simple) the trick resets almost immediately. The patter theme provides a logical reason why the card is torn up, and therefore the subsequent restoration comes as a surprise. The spectator is left with a souvenir that includes the magician’s contact information. In addition, the presentation solves one of the big “bugaboo” problems associated with this type of trick.

I have held back this routine for a quarter of a century. It is now being released in an ebook format. I’m glad I waited, because the current technology makes it much easier to master this trick. The ebook is in Adobe reader format, it is almost 20 pages long, and contains 36 photos and 7 video clips. Every detail is covered, in the manner you’ve come to expect from my products.

System requirements: For Macintosh users it requires that your operating system is OS 10.2.2 or above. The PC version supports Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Windows 7.

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